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Precautions in the use of plastic mould

Precautions in the use of plastic mould

What should we pay attention to when using plastic mold? What should we pay attention to when using plastic mold? We need to pay attention to a lot of things, we plastic mold manufacturers to give you a good talk!
Plastic mould
1. Correct use of plastic mold can extend the service life of plastic mold.
2. It is forbidden to store in the open air under direct sunlight.
3. It is strictly prohibited to use the untested release agent, waste engine oil, wax, etc. on the plastic mold, which will cause serious damage to the toughness and strength of the plastic mold, cracking and weathering.
4. It is strictly prohibited to steam with mould at high temperature over 40 ℃.
5. The size of the plastic mold will be reduced after repeated use, heating and cooling, and the flatness will be changed. If it fails to meet the use standard, replacement is recommended.
6. It is suggested to add melamine resin type water reducing agent to the concrete in use, which can reduce the adhesion and prolong the service life of the mold.
7. Ensure the flatness and edge alignment of the site during maintenance to ensure the quality of products.
8. Using the vibration table with matching vibration frequency, the vibration time of deep cavity products should be reduced. Excessive excitation force and excessive excitation will cause damage to the plastic mold.
9. It is strictly prohibited to knock the plastic mold box with hammer and other tools when demoulding, and try to use the shaking table demoulding construction.
10. After demoulding, the molds need to be stacked in order to prevent deformation.
Summary: These are the things we must know about using plastic mold. I hope you can get help after reading. Please pay attention to our mold manufacturer for more information!